Price list 2019

Folk finition vernis nitro cellulosique 4000 euros
Folk with oil finish and neck and top nitrocellulose 3900 euros
Nylon strings 4200 euros
12 strings 4300 euros
Baritone 4300 euros
Archtop 6000 euros


Cutaway 420 euros
Armrest 500 euros (black),
600 euros (wood veneer)
Fanned fret 600 euros
Soundport 240/300 euros with purfling
Top trim 480 euros
Fretboard bindings 250 euros
Head bindings 250 euros
Fretboard bindings 240 euros
More top koa our rosewood bindings 150 euros
Slotted peghead 360 euros (500 on Baritone)
Quilted maple neck (or with middle neck purfling) 300 euros
5 peaces neck, quilted maple/mahogany/rosewood 420 euros
Wood rosette with MOP purfling 360 euros
Wood rosette with inlays 480 euros
Personal marquetry on request estimate quote on request
Sunburst 400 euros
Amplification between 200 and 400 on request

Wood options:

Madagascar rosewood, Amazonian rosewood, Honduras rosewood, Mozambique Ebony, Macassar Ebony, Ziricote, Cocobolo, Honduras Mahogany, Walnut, Quilted Maple …on request

Some explanations about my workmanship

I use a gloss varnish on my guitars, because it is the best looking and respectful one which will, in the long time, protect your instrument and leave the top vibrate freely.

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You must know, however, that this gloss finish needs more care than a polyréthane and more work when apply.
I can also use, at your request, a satin finish.

I work in a traditionnaly workmanship with mortise and tenon joints and dovetail joint (no scews).

All the woods are dry and of the best available quality.

Concerning the cases :

All my guitars are delivered with a Boblen case, very solid canadian trademark, with strong leather hand and velvet inside.

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If you travel a lot with your guitar, a very good Calton case can be ordered at the following adresse : Calton (Angleterre) as an additional option but beware of the manufacturing delays.

For Dreadnought shapes, you can find high tech and light cases from the french trademark BAM. BAM

Price quote and orders

If you are interested by one of the guitars you have seen on my website or if you want to order your own model with your own specifications, please send me a message at the following email address :

Don't forget to leave your personal details.

Implementation deadline for each guitar depends of the request (between 12 and 14 month). An initial advance of 20% is required at the order. Your guitar will be delivered with a case. Shipping cost are not included.